Our team also offers investment opportunities in some of today’s most high-growth industries. Working alongside Canaccord Genuity's investment bankers, we offer exclusive venture opportunities in the form of new issues, private placements, derivatives and more.

When Brian and David identify an investment with the potential for significant returns, they undertake a process of in-depth research and due diligence into the company. This process includes:

  • developing and fostering relationships with key company executives
  • in-depth valuation of the company’s assets
  • projecting the potential growth of business lines
  • touring facilities and areas of operation

Through this process, prior investments have provided exceptional, uncorrelated returns for our clients. Approaching each opportunity from an analytical perspective, Peters Investment Strategies is actively exploring opportunities in emerging sectors. Often we raise for companies on reoccurring occasions. Some notable specific financings we have participated in include:

 $27,370,000 Financing
March 2015


$27,797,275 Public Offering
March 2018

$7,323,306 Private Placement
December 2017